Those who wish success in this life must approach their goals systematically and not rely upon a stroke of luck. It is well known that the only reliable luck is the luck of determination.             ( HERBERT  JAHRENDT )



From time to time one needs a change of scenery. Now is the time!. The courage to do something completely different. take your chance. Come and invest in Freiburg. Come and live where others go on holiday. In Freiburg you can rediscover the meaning of relaxation and find a new zest for life.The capitol of the Black Forests border triangele is reputed to have an almost mediterranean flair. An Alemannic way of living, the influence of a great ancient university, colorful cultural events and neighbours to prosperous Switzerland on the one side and tratitional France on the other determine the fascinatting atmosphere of this town. With over 200.000 inhabitants Freiburg is a large town but easily accessible. Strolling inside the attractive old city with its venerable thirteenth century Minster, sitting in one of the old inns, or enjoying the colorful food markets it is easy to fall into conversation with the locals. Renowned cultural events such as the annual Tent Music Festival or the Theatre Festival with its international guest artists, are equally appreciated by Freiburgers and visitors alike. During these periods, Freiburg becomes a veritable metropolis and its buisnesses and shops make good sales. Freiburgs leisure activities can include shopping, culinary or art expeditions versus relaxing or active holidays amongst the vines of the Black Forest. Freiburg along with its surrounding area produces the most grapes of all Germany. The wine growing area reaches from 196 m ü. NN. at the level of the Rhine up to the mountain Schauinsland with over 1.284 m ü. NN. Whatever you are looking for you can find it in Freiburg. Well sorted and old established one off shops add to the positiv flair of the town. Excellant advice and high quality goods are a matter of course. Exceptional requests will be endeavoured to be dealt with to the satisfaction of the customer. The catchment area of Freiburgs buisness community extends from the Schwäbisch Alb to the greater area of Stuttgart. From the Bodensee area with its north swiss corner to the Elsaß (France) then over Rastatt to Karlsruhe. All these factors make Freiburg a popular and desirable place to be. A place where you can live a pleasant and comfortable life.


No wonder the Freiburgers say: There are two kinds of people, those who live in Freiburg and those who want to" 


Due to private reasons and after 30 years of successful buisness the GALERIE HEJA in Freiburg will be sold.



Take this opportunity. Invest in the fastest growing and most charming city of Germany. You will surely not regret it and in years to come will realise it`s the best inverstment you ever made.





Jugendstil-Lampen Galerie HEJA








Herbert Jahrendt